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in order showing better the technologies on this web mentioned, i've listed on this page the same.
by a click on the interested voice you're shifted on the belonged page.
moreover, on this page a small window is indicating the page where the video clips are stored. please click on it to have a short vision of the film regarding the interested plant, and when the film full version is by you needed, then you can download it. please follow the relative indications.
i'm quite sure that you'll appreciate the same since you'll have the complete vision of the plant on its perfomances.
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link to Videoclip for  industrial equipments
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the long experience supported by the rsearch and development along 70 years of manufacturing activity of single machines and fully automatic plants on the tile, cement product and waste plastic recycling, takes me today to offer the best of the developed technology .
the plants are distinguished as:
* single machine and fully automatic plants to moulding mono layer thin tiles having raw material like marble chips and powder, white cement and water. this new and patented technology is seen this innovation projected on a large scale in italy and all over the globe, due to the reason that the new thin tile is going to replacing the obsolete double layer tile. in fact, the monolayer thin tile product due to its charateristcs whic is distinguishing it amoung the natural products, its light weight and to the good quality, make it to compete with those high quality products as marbles, ganites and ceramics. this high competitivity is given by the advantage of the production low costs, that in spite of that, makes the product of very good quality and its lightness makes it winner against all the above mentioned products. this good particularity has been and it is continuosly appreciated world wide, and this is confirming the matter of fact of a reality wich counts about 70 plants running around the globe.
* waste recycling plants is a technology wich allows to reconditioning all those domestics and industrial wastes, that otherwise would create echological and enviromental problems. these plants are able to recycle all the waste plastic materials into profiles products and pallets. many of this plants are running in different world countries.
* cement products making plants to moulding hollow blocks, curbestones, interlocking tiles, and so on......



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