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the obsolete tile in double layer wich was appeared at the beginning of the centure '900 lately was not anymore appreciated by the worldwide markets, so that the necessity to find out a new product wich was giving a strong implementation on paving field, just to compete and to reducing the large markets occupation by the ceramuc tiles, was requested as mostly impertaive.
therefore, it was necessary to develop a new technology wich was allowing to moulding a new and modern product, just to avoid otherwise, to get lost all the productive life spent on the moulding tile field. this strong necessity has produced the strong engagement on investing into research and development that after some long years of testings finally the mono layer tile denoninated " single layer thin tiles" was becoming to reality, and thanks to that a new era was opened by on the paving field.

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the single layer thin tile thanks to its low tickness and lightness is suitable to the largest applications.
this evolute productd on the size 30x30 cm can be moulded with a tick of 12-13 mm, and the size 60x60 cm ca have its tick of 18 mm, giving to it the possibility to be employed on a largest range of applications as paving and claddings jobs, mainly on the spaces wich before were belonging only to the ceramic tiles, and also to those products as marbles and granites.
its low tickness wich is on line with ceramic and marbles, is allowing an easy handling on its laying and the transport cost are higly reduced.
the beauty of this product wich is made by natural raw materials as marble chips and powder, cement and water, are giving the look to the tiles to be closely similar to marble and granites tiles, so that as pregiate quality of materials, and its lightness is allowing its emplyment in all those applicatoions that only some time back was of sole ceramiv and marbles applications.
the single lyer thin tiles is higly superior to its ceramic competitor, since on comparing the medium cost of the thin tiles, its found superior due to its quality just for the matter of fact that the single layer product is made by natural raw materials wich makes it to be of higher resistance to wearing becoming so, a long life product.
a floor made by sinle layer thin tiles product, after 10-15 years of life,if its surface will have missed the nice shining, to remake it to shining again, is requested only a new polishing by hand machine, and after that, the floor will be shining again so nice as new.
this as a demostration that it could be considered like eternal, while it may be that not all knows that wit ceramic tiles it is not so. a good ceramic tiles have an high expencive cost respect to mono layer tile, and in spite to that, the ceramic tile can't to laud a life so long as the mono layer tile, this because, the ceramic are glazed during the curing process, and this will be lost after a term of time that the tiles are floored, on this case it is getting the floor to looking opaque, and it will making the floor to be looked splendid shining as instead the monolayer tile are doing also after a long term of life of 10-15 years .
the mono layer cladding tile nowaday is replacing a large part of marble and granites products, due to its suitability at low costs.
these are the reasons for the wich the new monolayer product has got awake all the globe markets where the choise of its quality has been imposed against the ceramic tile and marble and granites products, and to do so, our plants are continuosly increasing their demand all over the world.


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