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the industrial and domestics plastic wastes which from a long ago were giving a serious problem for their destruction, today by the innovative recycling technology these are transformed into products of large utility, resolving that very important matter of environment. thanks to this new technology, all the plastic wastes are not representing anymore the great problem which concerns environmental and ecological safeguards.

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This innovative technology is allowing us to transform all those waste plastic materials, that otherwise was destinated to publics discharges wich was causing those environmental contamination problems to us well known.
By the plants as showed on this web, all the plastic wastes are going to be recycled and trnasformed into profiles of various shapes.
Moreover, the palstic palles wich are moulded by our plants are having a large interest.
Due to the plants versatility, others type of profiles can be moulded too.
Anybody interested on the matter will be duly assisted.


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