the qatar country from half decade is ruled by the new young emir who is the son of the deprived father emir.
the new emir is improving the country by the development of so many activities. industries are supported by government support and financing facilities as well as other commercial business just to helping the fastest advanced development in the country.
in fact, in the past for any foreigner who wanted to enter into qatar, this was required to bearing an entry visa which was released by the authority upon request of a local company. nowadays, thanks to the innovations under the new emir rule, mostly of the foreigner citizen as europeans, americans etc, are allowed to enter into qatar with a business entry visa which is released against payment at the arrival trough out the appointed counters at the airport.
the photo is showing a nice picture of doha and on how it is looking beauty due to the newest building structures which are coming up so quickly.
qatar is a good commercial partner for all those european countries and business activities, since it is one of the large arab country which is importing its needed technology and equipments from italy and other countries.
business deals are favoured as the qatar financial economy is so good, so that, clients are able to cover their purchase by regulars letters of credit.
peoples are friendly and well educated.
take your good chance to get introduced into the qatar business world